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Now got GSX750F :))
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Akira, you need TV Tool. Both Echo and I use both our GF cards with a TV and it's simply the best TV out solution I've seen - my media server lives next to my TV and I never use a PC monitor with it.

The whole point of the media server is to hold my mp3's, DVD's, VCD's games and winUAE in one convenient location AND to output to TV. When I've got some cash spare (Ha, Ha, Ha,) I'm going to network the PC's upstairs with the media server and A4000 (that's 3 win/amd boxs, Linux server/web access and the A4000). Incidently winAMP's video output is cool in fullscreen - instant party mode.

One other thing, ALWAYS use the latest detonator drivers (or any other mfrs drivers for other h/w) many bugs and oddities get fixed and updating can fix a whole bunch of stuff, and if there's somthing that bugs you about some h/w, email techsupport at the mfrs, as they can usually either tell you how to fix it or pass the problem on to the driver writers - if you don't let them know, it won't get fixed.
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