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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
In the WinUAE source file dongle.cpp there is support for a Logistix/SuperBase dongle. But that isn't a selectable option in the Dongle drop-down in IO Ports settings.
based on the check code, the Logistix dongle could differ from the SuperBase one.

It could probably not be so... because:
- I own an Italian "pack" which included both Logistix and Superbase, and they share the same dongle
- I was the one who asked Toni to include dongle support in WinUAE. I personally dismantled some dongles of mine and gave Tony the info, and Tony kindly added the support

If I remember well (I'll check), Tony included the Logistix/Superbase support as a text command to add after the winuae executable name. In other words, not all the supported programs show in the dongle menu, but they are supported...

Found the (old) thread. Look here:
post #38:

This worked with my (Italian) Logistix.
I don't know if the "dongle=10" option is still valid in the last WinUAE releases, though... Is it, Toni?

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