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We are planning the Classic AmigaOS version too - the AMIStore is for AmigaOS.
IMHO, still too few Classics are actually connected to the internet.

While getting Internet on the A600/A1200 is relatively easy thanks to PCMCIA network cards, most people have an SD/CF card reader stuck in there most of the time, and the A500 is just out of the games, at least for now (IIRC, Jens said a network add-on would come out soon?).

I remember buying a PCMCIA network card for my 1200 (when it was my main machine) but never getting around to actually using it. I had the SD card reader in there all the time to transfer games to the CF

And for us big-box users.... I don't really want to pay 100+ EURs for something I will use a few times a month (you know, you can't really surf on many sites on Classics...) just for downloading something from Aminet, FTPs and/or AMIstore.

We need a CHEAP network (WiFi, preferably) card for Zorro-equipped Amigas. Something around 40/50EURs... Maybe a Zorro->PCMCIA bridge? IF it's doable it shouldn't cost that much, and users could just keep buying the cheap PCMCIA WiFi/Ethernet cards!

Make it happen, Amigakit!
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