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Standard / simple method to iconise & run more recent demos

Hi again all

I want to be able to download and run recent Amiga demos from from a Workbench environment but am really struggling to understand a simple replicable method for this. ADF-based Demos are obviously fine but the larger proportion are executables with little or not explantion of how to run. I am currently running the latest WinUAE 2.7.0 under AMiKit 1.6.7 & understand that I may need to create a seperate Workbnch 2.x envrionment for some ECS/OCS exes, but it seems that a significant proportion just don't run when I suspect they should.

Within Dopus I unpack each demo to a seperate drawer and copy over & rename a.INFO file to create the icon for each Demo but not all demos then run. The same happens when I try to run directly from DOpus. Is there an obvious step I am missing like creating some sort of batch file to call up the executable and run it the CLI?

As ever all help much appreciated.


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