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Last friday I finally got my gotek. First one I ordered never arrived...

I had small USB to TTL adapter from before, based on CP210x controller, but it didn't go all that smooth. At first programming app couldn't establish communication with it so, I'm not sure if it was connection problem as I didn't solder pin header to it, I just put dupont wire through holes and pressed them to ensure proper contact. Few times it did managed to communicate with it, but when I tried to erase original software it lost it. Tried resetting gotek but didn't help.

What worked in the end was different USB connector, or more probable, controller. At first I had it USB to TTL plugged in monitor hub (USB 2.0), next I tried plugging to USB 2.0 port on the case, this managed to get further as I said above, but lost it when I tried to erase. Lastly I tried plugging it in USB 3.0 port on my computer and this time it worked flawlessly, comm check fine, erase fine and programming fine. What's more it finished programming in 10 seconds, I expected up to two minutes as instructions say.

I don't know if it was just by chance or it could indeed be that it depends on USB controller that serial adapter is connected to. In first case it was controller in the monitor HUB, in second case it was USB 2.0 controller on the motherboard, and in the last case it was USB 3.0 controller on the motherboard.

Forgot to write, it was under Windows 7 x64

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