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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
the wait is over - Harry 0. found the tablet.library, he uploaded it into the zone
thanks Harry

I've begun to take a look at the tablet.library code.

What I'll call the ReadTabletData function (lib offset -$2A) does this:

If running on V39 or later (tablet.library actually checks the utility.library version, not Intuition version):
- Check eim_TabletData field in IntuiMessage. If non-zero, copy the TabletData structure to (A1) and return 1.
- Else return 0 (i.e. when eim_TabletData = 0)

If running pre-V39 it does more work, and the library also installs some kind of patch at initialisation time. I haven't looked into that yet. So it will probably be much easier to limit any WinUAE tablet.library-compatible code to require at least Intuition V39 for the time being.

There's also a currently-unknown function at offset -$30.

Edit: A little update: What I'll call the OpenTablet() function (offset -$1E) clears all tag data fields in the passed taglist.

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