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Well ...

Sometimes I even heard tales that the cracked version didn't work with WinUAE.
WHICH WAS TRUE ... for old emulator versions like 0.8.8 R8. No go there.

But I also heard this tale about WinUAE 0.8.17 Rx!
Which was NOT true...but deserves an explanation:

As I pointed out in another thread, Trex Warrior takes very very long in loading unless you activate cycle-exact mode.
Weren't I speaking of 0.8.17? Uh ... yes. And 0.8.17 did NOT have cycle-exact mode yet
So what did people claim to know?

Trex Warrior doesn't work with WinUAE.

And there IS an explanation for this assertion! Without cycle-exact mode, WinUAE takes MORE THAN FOUR MINUTES (literally!) to load the game.
Most people have the LED display switched off, THEREFORE they just claim WinUAE to be frozen or to not work with the game.
Only if you turn on LED display, you will see if WinUAE actually froze or if it still keeps on loading and loading and loadiiiing ...

@Burseg: I don't intend to annoy you too much by explaining my moral concepts to you in detail, but please be fair. Being fair means to NOT call people names. For that you didn't like trodas' (writing) style, was plainly obvious. But if YOU call him names by firing volleys of 'troll! troll!' at him, HE might go mad as well, and this will inevitably result in a personal verbal scuffle. Which is NOT good ... and which, in the past, had already led to the banning of people like Birdy eventually. Just because of such a 'cinch' (?), "starring" two people profoundly hating each other, not only (but also) because of extremely different political attitudes.

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