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Wink Well, welll... =8-)

Amigaboy - fine then, but we are more close, sadly, to draw - since i found that i was mistaken too - i dont realy tested, what happens when i write the adf Trex Warrior image back to the floppy - i simply and wrongly assumed that at least the intro should work (no matter of protection bited cut-out by the adf image rip) - when it does before i transfered the disk to image and formated it and put into big box of never ever used things

So, it dont work as well on real Amiga (even i disabled cache/chipset) too.

Therefore the text have to be changed that "orginal Trex Warrior ripped to adf image did not work, and its not a WinUAE fault, but a ADF limitation", and therefore just wait if CAPS project come with a better solution
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