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So tablet.library basically is a wrapper for input.device tablet stuff? I assumed it was something more complex.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
comes with source code which might be some use if implementing an Amiga tablet driver.
WinUAE already has full tablet support, implementing what intuition.h describes. (but not all, for example Angle range can't be "This number should be normalized to fill a signed long integer", there was some test program that shows all parameters and angle field will overflow if it is too big..).

Offset -$2A function
Read tablet data, filling out fields of the TabletData structure. Perhaps the IntuiMessage pointer argument is to allow the tablet driver to e.g. set mouse buttons qualifier and/or MouseX/MouseY, if the user has enabled that option???
Call with:
A0: Pointer to an IntuiMessage
A1: Pointer to TabletData structure
Do you mean A0 is IntuiMessage received by the application which tablet.library may or may not modify? Or is it completely generated by tablet.library?
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