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PC Games...the memories

In CA, I regularly frequented thrift shops and would often find old game magazines for about 30 cents each. Most were the console variety, some were actually Amiga or Atari or C64, tons of thick, useless Mac mags, etc. I usually passed on the ridiculous PC game mags, as they were more like catalogs of ads, rather than reviews (and the few reviews that did exist were poorly written and seemed to rave about any game that had a full color, full page ad on the opposite page...) Well, one day I felt generous with my 30 cents and sprung for a copy of PC Games; even in retro, it's still a shite rag. I was gonna use it for toliet paper earlier, but ended up thumbing through it instead while I did my business. Great quote inside that I thought I'd share for laughs:
Being on the edge may make for exciting programming possibilities, but it invites programming headaches, too. "The PC is a rapidly moving target," says Richard Garriott of Origin Systems. "Only two products ago, we used an 8086 machine at 4 megahertz with 640K of RAM and a single floppy drive. Now our 'typical computer' is a 386/25, with 4 megabytes of RAM and a 30-megabyte hard drive. You can't predict that kind of growth."
PC Games, June/July 1993
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