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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
before my account gets deleted

its obvious that i allowed myself to dream about posibile future of amiga.

but i know now, how Akira would feel, if god sends him back to 1940 to tell the people that in 2014 there will be 3d TV's and Cinemas. >
I'm sorry if I seemed rude, nobody wants you to leave. Everybody here dreams about the possible future of Amiga but I just don't think you understand the significance of the "number of bits". Increasing the bit width of the data bus and/or registers doesn't make a CPU faster, it just means it can handle larger numbers. Maybe the wheels analogy wasn't such a bad one. Adding more wheels to a vehicle doesn't make it go faster; a steam engine from 1885 has a lot of wheels but it isn't faster than a 2014 motorbike. Most applications still don't need more than 32 bit arithmetic.

I thought this was quite a good book:
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