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Amiga music you still find yourself humming...

Possibly another pointless thread, but I thought it was worth starting after finding myself humming the Phenomena Enigma demo music during a cigarette break at work today.

Also (to paraphrase Kylie) I just couldn't get Giana Sisters out of my head last week.

Maybe it's because they were so simple, but Amiga demo and game music is worse than horrible pop records for hanging around in your brain.... especially after 10-13 years.

So... what do you still hum?

And please don't misinterperet this question as "What's Your Favourite Amiga Music?" I'm looking for stuff you find yourself humming and not realising it. Maybe you've accidentally started humming the theme from Rock 'n' Roll at a funeral, or broken into a burst of Magical Sound Shower during a moment's silence.

Do tell.
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