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Originally Posted by kaffer View Post
I also have more testing (and it seems some fixing) to do. I will report progress. Is there a preferred way to receive WinUAE patches, or is pointing at patches in my FS-UAE repository sufficient?
FS-UAE repository is fine for me.
btw, num_tracks is not set (I guess it should be *num_tracks = header[7] + 1)

Originally Posted by kaffer View Post
Bitcell density/timing info to UAE -- am I right that the tracktiming[] array values indicate the relative densities of bitcells within that track, rather than absolute density? e.g., in a uniform-density longtrack the array values would all be 1000, same as for a uniform-density standard track, even though the absolute bitcell times in the longtrack are shorter?

I think this is the case and I need to tweak my code to make it so...
Yes, density is automatically calculated from track length. Plain long tracks should have zeroed or 1000 (zero in first slot = ignore whole array) tracktiming values.

Tracktiming array is relative and only needed if there are density changes during track. (copylock or similar protections).
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