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D'oh! I'm reopening this thread.
Looking back at my install, I compared it to the JST one, and although my install uses a WHDLoad slave, it uses the JST files.
I downloaded the latest TrexWarrior install from the WHDLoad site and it produces a 1 file disk, as Trodas said.

So, I screwed up (royally! ). It seems I have a possibly unofficial Trex Warrior slave sitting around which uses the JST images

So I apologise to trodas for what I said about the "LOB" thing


I can get up to the intro on WinUAE as well. Just like that on a real Amiga. This is probably due to protection on the WHDLoad ADF image of Trex Warrior
Due to this, you MUST use the cracked version, or stick with using WHDLoad to run it (or wait for CAPS)
You can't blame WinUAE for this. You need to blame the ADF fileformat for not being able to store the protection (if this game has protection of course....probably does since it doesn't get past the intro)

So yeah. I screwed up because I'm using the unofficial (?) slave
I look like a fool
Sorry goes out to trodas

Thread Re-opened
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