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Peter Leyland
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Originally posted by Steve
The "cheat" is not for invincibility but it gives your main guy the highest rank which is four stars. This gives him greater range with his gun and maybe some other little advantages. I think he runs a bit quicker as well. You need to type the name "JOOLS" on the save game screen. Type this as the name of your save game and the words "Cheat Mode Activated" will appear. Have fun!

PS. I'd love to come and have a look at some of your tanks one day when I'm not busy. Tanks rule!

Yes the pictures are very good. They're even more intersting to me because I can spot places I've been and see what St Helens used to look like. Brilliant site Peter.
Yeah, I did the jools one and got my 4 star general, but there is another cheat explained also, and your supposed to type in 'wellhard' whilst in gameplay and it says that you cannot get hurt. But this never seems to work for me.

Let me know when you have a day off and I will take you down to see the armoured vehicles. Or just simply go down and say I sent you to view the vehicles. But let me know first and I will tell him your going, not that it matters, but it will look more welcoming for you. But if you'd rather me be there; then no probs.
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