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Originally posted by CHiEF
be careful though, my first HD burnt one of my a1200s out inside!

but no, they don't come with the IDE cable - the HDs sometimes do though
I've had a hard drive in my old Amiga that I had in 1994. Thankfully it didn't burn out the insides of my A1200. It was one of those huge 3.5 inch hard drives and made a bit of a bump in the A1200 case. It wasn't very big though. It was only about 170MB although when I bought it the damn thing was supposed to be something like 240MB! I'm after a 2.5 inch hard drive this time round. Something that won't leave a bump in me miggy.

So the next question is this. What is the actual limit of the OS3.0 version of the Amiga 1200? I remember the limit being somewhere around the 4Gig mark. What if I bought a hard drive that is right on the 4Gig limit. Would the Amiga accept this or not?
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