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Amiga OS 3.9 - Low Chipmem - with Indi AGA Mk2

I've had the Indivision AGA Mk2 for a couple of weeks now and I'm gradually getting to grips with setting up screen modes etc

I like HighGFX:Super-High Res Laced (1024x768) the best by far
So I'm using it in my current WB setup

The problem I have is that, with a backdrop loaded, I only have 850k chipmem free. That's in 64 colour mode. I only get 650k in 128 colour mode.

It's just about usable with 850k chipmem but it's tight. 650k is a no go, lots of crashes due to not enough chipmem....

I'm using RemApollo to load modules, and all the usual patches installed with ClassicWB (inc FBlit)

I never noticed any chipmem issues before using these screen modes (via Indi), is it just the price you pay for 'nice' screens, or is there a way to load backdrops ect to fastmem?
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