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Frankly, I think what we need to do is not think of a "new" Amiga as having that much in common with a "Classic" Amiga. Keep in mind that Dave Haynie once was on record talking about the Hombre chipset, and how if Commodore had stayed alive, it would have been a completely new architecture and not compatible with previous Amiga models.

So, maybe we need to think more in terms of what Hombre could be in 2014? Are we talking a machine based on maybe an AMD CPU, ATI video chip, Realtek audio and/or network chip(s) baked in, essentially a PC variant, hardware-wise? Or maybe something more along the lines of an ARM-based machine or maybe something along the lines of a Raspberry Pi or CuBox with AROS or a new OS with the best concepts of AmigaOS 1.x-3.x incorporated? Or would it be something completely unique both hardware and OS?

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