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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
think big ^^

back in time (if time exists at all) someone invented a wheel.
it was round and good.

then someone invented a bicycle. it had 2 wheels and it was better.

then a car with 4 wheels (fasterrrrrr)

and now the train count the wheels and compare the speed.
Um well I thought at first that maybe you just didn't understand computers, but now you tell us that a car goes faster than a bicycle because it has more wheels and now I don't know what to think. I suppose a space rocket has millions of wheels. Maybe we could just weld two bicycles together and cycle at 100mph. Those engineers who went to the trouble of fitting their trains out with 6000bhp traction motors must feel pretty foolish now we know that it is only the number of wheels that makes them go so fast. And if you want it to go even faster, no problem just add more carriages!
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