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Originally posted by IanS
Twistin'... which bit of the alternate reality in Unreal 2 (or any other 3D game) isn't actually a reality then? I can't wait to see the answer to this one
Don't read too much into that.

1) I was referring to VR, not AR.
2) Games of this genre like to fancy themselves as realistic (hence, reality) and in the reality *I* exist in, nothing looks, feels, sounds, etc. like anything I have seen in this game. I hate seeing modern games described as realistic. The characters' movements are robotic and goofy, expressions are fake and static, floors and walls are blurry and/or jaggy, the perspectives when looking around (especially up and down) are dizzying and awkward, the sound is overly enhanced and extreme on the bass woofers - is this reality?
3) Are these games reality for you, other than the fact that you are really sitting there playing them? If the latter, than Pac-Man is VR.
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