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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
512 bit architecture? 64 bit "bytes"? what have you been smoking?
think big ^^

back in time (if time exists at all) someone invented a wheel.
it was round and good.

then someone invented a bicycle. it had 2 wheels and it was better.

then a car with 4 wheels (fasterrrrrr)

and now the train count the wheels and compare the speed.

i mean, really. back then everything was new and expensive.
the decision(remember the y2k bug?^^
) that 1byte shall have 8bits was someones decision.
and a part of this decision had to do with price.
and now the industry has acepted it. and everything got smaller and cheaper.

but its still the old definitions that rules over the nowadays hardware.
a real change would be in new definitions.

(i'm trying to keep me awake, working in the night shift)
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