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what is illuminati ?

well how about this:
Amiga would still be the best PC in the world if
"the law of attraction" hasnt hitted in.

Why ? Look back in the days, when intel was making
its advertisements, they made a slogan, and i guess
everyone of you have heard it in some way:

"Intel inside"

well short time after Someone from the (i guess)
amiga community brought out the slogan:

"intel outside"

if you ask me what the law of attraction has to do with it, look
(supposed you have an intel processor)

Start your winuae and look what is outside!

To answer on the topic:
Again back in the days Sprites,sound,ammount of collors and ammount of ram
and ofcourse the joysticks were the measurement points. Not the processor speed
not like now : "the windows newversion is running faster on this terraherz computer than
windows-previous version on gigahertz computer"

And the variety of hardware which is available on the PC market makes the pc not really unique.
it makes it even worse. because you have to go for the named manufacturer of the hardware or else you will have not so good pc.
yes now everyone can have a pc which "fit his needs" or "which is affordable"
but then the hardware is not the same.

The new amiga should have Real Sprites (without the limitation of the old machines)
not like todays pc's which still need to emulate(so to say) them.
ALso it should have very fast processor and very fast custom
chips and coprocessors. It would have 512bit architecture.
and maybe they would choose the basic change in the computer history
defining 1byte as 64bits not like the good old 8bit system.

The os should be free of any kind of limitations (no drm
no hidden streams etc)

i have many ideas, but the typing on this phone is not a pleasure.

(written on my iph...)

oh right, why should it be a society which is allready existing
and having its monopol on the market risking their ex....
(note to me)right i should not make/set any limiting beliefs ^^

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