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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
I work together with the distribution maintainer of Aeros so it could be part of Aeros for ARM for 68k emulation. In a way yes. But I do not know how fast 68k emulation is on Raspberry.
It's slow. Painfully slow. There is no JIT for 68k emulation on ARM (not yet at least). Raspberry Pi has the CPU grunt of a Pentium 2 300MHz. UAE is compiled from C. It'll likely be not much faster than a stock Amiga 500 at best, too slow for emulated AROS Vision.

Best to stick with UAE4all on Pi and use a genuine Kickstart 1.3, if you want good enough performance for say the subset of Amiga 500 games which work. Or use E-UAE for more compatibility, Workbench 3.1 etc., but expect slowdowns in games and so forth. For playing AMOS games on Pi the former looks the best option, particularly when they've gone through the AMOS Pro Compiler. (XAMOS is limited, and slow on Pi thanks to the SDL rendering.)

For AROS on Pi it's best to use the Linux hosted, that's native ARM.

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