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Peter Leyland
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Originally posted by CodyJarrett
Peter: Off topic, but I really like your St. Helens photographs showing the then and now... It must have taken some work to locate each place.
Yes, it is time consuming, but I really enjoy it. I have permission to go up to the very top of another local church tower one day this week, so I hope I get a nice day. By the way if you go into the 'About me' part, the big Russian tank is for sale if anyone wants to buy it.....
This is where I restore a lot of old WW2 vehicles and spend a lot of time messing about when I'm not on my compies.....

I would just like to say that I built the 3.7 Anti Aircraft Gun from scrap. I have many pics of its restoration. But I'm mainly an engine loving guy especially big 27 litre RR engines. I started messing about with engines when I was 8, so I've been at it now for 44 years.

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