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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Really? Even though they looked great, it was obvious they were all style over substance, the main reason the CD-i flopped was because of these crappy fmv games (well and price, naff controller!) i was hoping for more of new games like Guardian, TFX, Inferno, any decent A1200 port with cd music, adventure 'talkie' versions etc no disk swapping was a big thing for Amiga owners, plus games that could music and sfx at the same time
Well if you check the reviews of Microcosm, Lost Eden or Seventh Guest, they had great scores at that time...No matter how crap they look now and how unplayable they were.

But you're right, talkie version of point'n'click were also very expected. And in that case, the CD32 is also much more suited than the MegaCD.
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