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Originally Posted by DyLucke View Post
Well. You have to go back in time and see what was people's expectation at that time. Nobody wanted to play 2D side scroller on a CD machine, everybody was expecting games like Microcosm or Seventh Guest.

In that case, the CD32 is a far better machine then the MegaCD

Why do you think Flink is so expensive nowadays on both CD32 and MegaCD ? It is because noboby bought that game when it was released. And Microcosm is one of the cheapest game on both machine because that was what people wanted to play and what they bought.

No matter how they were wrong, all the crappy fmv games of that times were considered killer-apps. What I was hoping on the CD32 was Scavenger IV, Lost Eden, Megarace. Not Chaos Engine, Flink or Kid Chaos, no matter how better they were in fact.
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