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Peter Leyland
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Well it seems that the best thing is to wait till I can get the files over via a cd rom. I'm beginning to see exactly where you are coming from now.
The thing is that I have a scsi cd rom and squirrel but the pcmcia slot pins are useless. I have been on Ebay to try and get a nice 1200 but there was always someone to beat me to a bargain. It was very infuriating last night as there was a 1200 bidding at £26 and then at the very last 10 seconds as the bid was ending someone slithered in which I thought was a slimy trick and snatched it from me.......

I would be happy with a 1200 motherboard if anyone out there has one. I'm willing to travel maybe 100 miles. I'm in St. Helens.
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