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Start a P96 Workbench go Filter Settings and select D3D: 4xSoft_PS3.0.
At least my Workbench looks very blury after doing so.
I use that filter most of the time because I like the bluryTV like image in games in addition to some scanlines.
But after taking a closer look it seems to be the only filter that behaves that way.

BTW: the Scanline settings,as useful they are in pal modes,annoy me after returning to P96-WB from whdload games or demos.
Is there a way to enable scanlines from the filterpanel in pal/ntsc modes only?

Just one week and dreams come true? WOW!

The following was posted by our hero at 2014/3/18-17:40

Winuae 2.7.1 Beta 11:

- Separate filter options for native and RTG modes. Currently only following settings are RTG compatible: Direct3D shader filters (no software filter support and never will be), masks, overlays, scanlines.

If I had known that he is that quick in implementing custom requests I would have asked earlier. ;-)

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