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I loved the games on my Amiga 500 and many of them left a permanent impression in my spoilt gaming 'career'. I'd even go as far as to say that the Amiga was the first platform that got me stunned by the presentation and the gameplay. It happened afterwards again (strangely enough the Xbox holds a runner up place for me), but no other platform ever came near the 'Wooooow' aspect that the Amiga had in its time.

Much later when I revisited the Amiga I learnt about the 'innards' of AmigaOS and have to say that I really liked the ideas that were put into it. One could really argue that a lot of OSes simply do it wrong compared to AmigaOS.

I wish modern OS makers would learn from the good ideas of the past, but I don't think that 'resurrecting' anything with the label Amiga is a good idea or would really have an impact on the major market. I do however hope that some of the rather great ideas would come back
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