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Wonderful. I bought myself this last Christmas a C=64. It came with a PSU. It worked for a day, then it went to black after some random times it was booting.
Finally I just changed the board as I had one spare.

I think it was the PSU, so I've got two things to make: change that PSU (I'm now using another) and fix the board...

Edit: In fact I was thinking in using the original psu and put another inside. That's very difficult as it is filled with epoxy, but I already did that once. A nice case is important.

I've found Micromys in Protovision. and some info here too

Edit: Ejem: Sorry for so much edits. It's been a time we are trying to use the scrolling on an Amiga, and now I read this about the Micromys: " Even the mouse wheel can be used in C64 and Amiga programs." ... I've just bought a Micromys V4 mouse adapter now from Amigakit .

EDIT: I've made it again, now I've got a C=64 psu's case ready to use, and this time it's intact. I've used an screw driver and a rubber hammer mainly but also I filled it with water and put it upside down in the fridge to increase the cracks between the epoxy and the case:

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