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Does the Amiga legacy continue to live on?

Hey guys,

I'm bored at work this afternoon and just wanted to throw out a couple of questions to you all and get a little discussion started.

1. What qualities or capabilities of the Amiga (the line in general, not any specific model) made/make it such a special machine to you? Have those qualities stood the test of time and are still relevant in 2014, or have PCs and Macs surpassed them or made them irrelevant?

2. Considering how the death of the desktop computer market is being predicted year after year because of the growth of the smartphone/tablet market, if you could develop a brand new computer platform (hardware and OS), incorporating concepts or qualities of the classic Amiga, what might it look like and what concepts or qualities would you include? Put it another way, if you could solve some of the systemic problems with Macs and PCs with Amiga concepts, what might they be?

I hope the questions aren't too confusing. This came to my mind after looking at A-EON's X1000 "Amiga" and its price tag and wondering how hardcore into the Amiga someone would have to be to buy one. Personally, at that price tag, I can't imagine it having much of a chance to be any more than a curiosity.
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