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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Are the SuperPLA's still available? Think my 2 C64s might need them.
Yes, SuperPLA V3 is a product that's sold on a regular basis. Documentation:

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
... But I've got (we've got) to decide what Psu do we buy, as now Kipper is going to make another, so we need more info.
I'm working on a whole set of things for the C64; PSU replacement is only one thing. Now that the new Micromys V4 cases are here, I can try to cram the electronics into that case and give it the C64 power connector.

I am also working on a PC-based C64 diagnosis system, which allows remote testing of individual components, even when RAMs and/or ROMs are defective or even missing. Too many C64 boards suffer from bad traces that are way too hard to find unless you have the time to test each trace for continuity. I've had boards here that worked "sometimes", and an extensive search has revealed traces that were rotting away under the solderstop: Resistance on the trace was several hundred ohms, the colour was slightly darker, and some scratching didn't reveal copper, but brown sand. It takes hours if not days to find such a fault, so such a board would be a total loss, only good as a parts donor, unless you have some way to "peek inside".

There are other diagnosis systems for the C64, but they will only test ports on a working system. None of them will give you any results if the screen stays dark on power-up.

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