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Maybe those people involved have a daytime job? Look at the Amiga. It got done because the core team did extra hours (double work or more actually) to get it done.

Even though many hobby projects can be professionally executed these days (e.g. better tools and services), you still need the manpower to do it. Most people can not afford leaving work unpaid. And in the spare time there's often family. I understand this is special to certain people which don't have a life, but for others time is a luxury good.

Unfortunately, especially the Amiga market has always been full of grudgers and worriers. The moment you do something people always know better, have done better and in generall you become evil the moment you become commercial (=start selling something everyone has been craving for).

I think those that ever made something happen know what I am saying.

I won't get better by now pointing at them. But maybe asking politely, making sure this get's sorted properly, others can take over and give credit or even royalties to those that started it. But that only makes sense if doers are available and interested.
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