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Yet again, I contribute to this thread. I wanted to stay away (hence the silence from me )

The Trex Warrior ADFs that are widespread on the internet work fine in WinUAE.
The Trex Warrior ADFs that are in the HD install DON'T WORK with WinUAE, nor will they work with a real Amiga!

The first thing I saw are the ADFs it makes are tiny! The first disk is 336kb while the second is 378kb. A far cry from 880kb, although I *believe* it is possible to use smaller ADFs on WinUAE?

With the suspicion that the disks only contain vital information, I looked at the bootblock for disk 1. We all know that the first longword of the bootblock is always the Dos type indicator....I saw nothing of the sort. I saw the text "LOB". Now I'm no expert, but I doubt that's going to be bootable (Codetapper, Galahad, etc. Please correct me if I'm wrong)

So I can see the disk is not bootable, but rather than brush off trodas like that, I decided to write the image of the first WHDLoaded ADF back to disk. Unsurprisingly, it didn't work EITHER!

Also, TOSEC only lists 1 disk versions of this game. This HD install has 2? Trex.d1 and Trex.d2. A new version perhaps? I think not.

Therefore, the statement by Trodas which says:

but since the game writen back on floppy (Trex Warrior) works (at least the intro works on every Amigas i ever tried), its suspicious that you need illigal, cracked version just to run it under WinUAE...
is false!

You've been PROVEN to be wrong now trodas. This image is not writable back to disk (not in the normal ways at least. As I said before, if this LOB thing is standard in some bootblocks, I'll be happy to retract). Even if this game did have protection, it wouldn't make the slightest difference!

Trodas is the type of person that won't admit he's wrong, no matter what evidence is shown.

If you don't admit you were wrong (and lied too!) trodas, I will stop these inane ramblings of mine and close this thread (I don't care what anyone thinks about this decision. I'm going to do it, so nerr nerr )
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