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Emu EMAX I Sample Library 4 Amiga (straight from disk)

This time I bring you the entire* EMAX I library converted to 8 bit for use with our miggies. The samples have been extracted from the original floppy library using CMXPn and converted to 8svx with no resampling. Notes from F-3 to A-3 works fine, and you can upsample without much aliasing if you need higher octaves due to its quality.

Not much to say about EMU. This could be one of the best sample libraries available for Amiga but it has some things you should take care:

-This collection doesn't have any loop set. You will have to do it manually.
-The bit depth has drop from 16 to 8 bit to fit amiga standards, but compression is applied to preserve the quality as much as possible.
-Sample names coudn't be preserved, so they have named after the emu-bank they belong
-Some samples are >65534 bytes, so loading in protracker will cut them. If you want the full sample to be used, you must upsample it (using soundbox for example).

8bit Iff 8svx (no loop set)

beta 8bit Iff 8svx (loop set but faulty)

16 bit wav (no loop set)

* some disks are missing due to faulty conversion. working on them.

I'm still working on new sample banks, next to come: ENSONIQ MIRAGE

to be true, I preffer the Fairlight CMI one. What do you think?

FINAL NOTE: All my libraries have been uploaded to EAB file server for backup. You can access these here.

EDIT: I'm checking the library and I've found some original ST-XX samples, Look into TINE_STRINGS, PIPELINE and RAGIN_WATERS for instant pleasure!!! It's not so bad!

EDIT2: All links updated.

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