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For 512M of Fast you need 768M of real memory (Z3 Fast lowest possible start address is 0x10000000) and it needs to be contiguous chunk for JIT compatibility.

You can get more RAM by also enabling mainboard RAM options because they are located inside of first 256M block.

It is practically impossible to get more than about ~1G of contiguous memory under 32-bit Windows, even if you have 4G of RAM. 32-bit exe under 64-bit Windows allows at least twice the amount of memory. (=Buy a better PC still works)

There won't be any warnings or errors because they are only annoying. (You move your config file to another PC or get config from your friend and you get 5+ confusing dialogs. I am sure you don't want that and you would complain that it is the most stupid feature ever!)

Check the error log button for warnings and errors.
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