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i've tested the previous version with winuae, and it was really good. before i once tested it, IIRC on a linux box ( with wanderer?! ).
the workbench replacement directory-opus is now much more responsive ( compared to the old, wanderer ).
cannot give a good feedback, but programs I've tested did work - cannot recall any issues atm. initially i had problems with the correct resolution, but somehow I got the correct screensize - found the winuae config later
for the first impression - one thing buged me. the icon-toolbar looks too huge, due to the AMOS Pro icon. i've change it into something else ( smaller size ) and it was ok afterwards. maybe you can just resize, so it fits the other icons. adding "tile" mode it looks pretty even more - wwell, my kinda taste
the other day i'll try the current version too, perhaps I can give more usefull feedback.

thanks for your work - and all involved.

edit: link to the Aros 68k website - Download area

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