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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Yes you need the ring of Sobek.

Why dont you have it?
because I did not return Alkem ring (thus, he did not open store in Alchemy Tower and I did not obtain empty flask for antidote).
and I did not return ring to Alkem because it is my precious
(I really try to find some other way to continue journey while keeping Alkems ring)

@Cherno Orc's down not seems to respawn and I only encounter Desert Lizards two times... anyway, it will take to much time now to invest in swimming skills just to hold Alkems Ring until I boost swimming skill I will have more than enough Training points for Nelvil mage to boost his U-M to 99%!

so I simple will continue to play as story should go: I will return Alkems rinfg to Akem and get Antidote and get Sobek ring at the end and continue to Burnville
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