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Just a short comment because the topic already nerves me...

You were a "team member" on natami-forum? I am not aware of and am fascinating how good people all know without being involved

"There were certain "interesting" (make of that what you will!) people involved in that project "

I was one of the "interesting" people on the forum, I did not really contribute much to the development at the early stage it was in (lack of hardware knowledge). If I remember right it was the project why I rejoined the community. When I saw where this "one-man develops all" leads to I decided myself for opensource (Aros 68k) because it is the only base where our platform might have a future.

Regarding the noise (discussions) created on the forum it was indeed disfficult to see what reality and what just ideas were. But before you continue with the "blame game" Thomas Hirsch himself showed it in the public years ago. If he really wanted "no pressure/expectations" from outside he should have kept it as "his" private homebrew project and not go into public. Or, when he realize that discussions are becoming fantasy he could have simply written down state and what he is working on and plans to do. Or he could have created a blog and posted there once a month. Of course he would have needed something to post then. I asked him (must be more than two years ago) if he would think about opensource it so that others could have continued. He decided to take the work with him (what is his right of course) but then I ask you where are the news about it? Nobody can pressure him now but obvously no progress. It could be that he appears from one moment to another and says "here is it" but I do not believe it. The simple truth is such a project is too much for one person and the work (debugging) is not always fun. When you do it for commercial reasons money matters, at a home project motivation is more difficult. Besides the hardware is very old now and expensive because of low sales so I more hope for cores that run on standard FPGA hardware. Then there also exist FPGA Arcade and Emulation.

I do not want to bash anyone now, people involved can do their own decisions. I myself will concentrate on opensource as a result of the events.

"See above, this could have been handled easily and peacefully at Thomas' own pace without any stress if he had't made the mistake to let other people ruin his very own project"

Thomas H. showed the board years ago in public. Why when you are right? And where are now the boards with new core? And do not say he lost motivation because of all the bad people around that is crap. If that is the whole base of such a ambitious project then better never start it. It is the "I want do it all alone and reinvent every wheel because it is my project" attitutde that harms our community.

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