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Originally Posted by Harry View Post
If you have played Amberstar you might guess the word for the thieves guild riddle correctly and dont have to deliver the Necromants Brooch, however you are rewarded with a fireball for this. I used this brooch (10% bonus) and Morags Robe (also 10% bonus) to give Sabine and Nelvin a 100% spellcasting ability.

Duplication of the better items (e.g. with bonuses) is not possible with the duplication spell.

Also I played the game a bit differently: If you dont visit the bandits house, you can slay unlimited bandits in Spannenberg and level up to a level you desire (except that this becomes a bit boring after a while).
It looks like that I must give Alkem his ring

there is no way to reach Burnville without Sobek ring!
- I do not have enough training points to boost swimming skill
- and I do not have enough Healing potions to survive swimming to Burnville

maybe if I had killed enough Bandits I would eventually have enough Training points but theres is no more enemies left in Lyramionic isle (I even kill Madman although I know that I should not do that since nothing happens after killing him... )
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