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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
the answer here
This game show that the amiga 1200 and the amiga cd32 wasn't strong enough for an amiga, the megacd version is better than the amigacd32 version !!!! what a shame megacd : 1991 amiga cd32 : 1993 !!!!
amigans had been accustomed to something else with the amiga 500 !
Hopefully microcosm is really better on cd32.
Well if you take in consideration the hardware, Sega MegaCD has a lot of advantages for games.

MegaCD uses a 12,5mhz M68000, and has two dedicated custom chips for scaling and rotation. Around 1mb of dedicated Audio-Video-Ram. Has a Ricoh audio processor performing 10 PCM channels added to the Yamaha FM inside the MegaDrive, controlled by a Z80 clocked 3,5mhz. 64 colours on screem from a 512 colours palette. 128 colour mode can be enabled using raster tricks, and, a single speed CD-Rom drive (150kb/s)

What has the CD32 inside?

68EC20 CPU 14mhz
Paula 4 PCM channels
AGA chip 256 colour from a true-colour palette. And HAM8 static mode.
Blitter chip.
2mb of shared RAM.
A double speed CD-Rom drive (300kb/s)
Akiko I/O chip controlling CD-Rom. (Capable of other limited tasks)

If we take in consideration the CD32 is an A1200 put-in-a-box with an attached CD-Rom drive, and we know Amiga is a computer designed for multimedia purposes (gaming is a side-effect)... It's absolutelly logical that CD32 gets the upper hand on GFX and resolution modes. It has a better CD-Rom drive... What is quite important.

However, the EC20, tied to the 2mb of shared ChipRam, can't perform it's full power. That means, as we all know, that will perform around TWICE than the A500... That's around the power of the MegaCD CPU.

In order to have more computing power, the CD32 needs FastRam.
That would beat the MegaCD CPU. SADLY CD32 games are meant to be run on a stock CD32... That is a serious disadvantage.

In addition, the custom chips performing rotations and scaling on the Sega machine are way too powerful compared to what the Blitter and Akiko could do.

Take as an example two games from the MegaCD catalogue.
Batman Returns
Soul Star.

Once you've seen this, you'll notice CD32 can't match it.
Would need a much competent CPU, and faster RAM at least.

So, we can conclude that the Sega machine is better for gaming than our CD32. If we don't take in consideration the awful 64 colour standard video mode.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
I would like to see that Flink+Sega CD intro working on our CD32 consoles.
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