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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Manage to get it playing a compressed music file last night

[ Show youtube player ]
I suposse that's just a test for other games appart of ScummVm, as reading I found this:

"4.3. Does ScummVM support using MP3/Ogg/FLAC files instead of the original MIDI music?
No. If all the game does is to play or loop a tune it would be possible, but many of the games do fancy stuff like smooth transitions from one tune to another, or turn individual instruments on and off, etc. There's simply no way ScummVM could take a piece of digital music and emulate that kind of behavior.

This question usually comes up in connection with Sam & Max Hit the Road (which has a few unused bonus audio tracks on the CD) and Monkey Island 2 (which is sometimes distributed on the same CD as the version of Monkey Island 1 that uses CD audio). Both of these games do far too much fancy stuff to even consider an idea like this."

Originally Posted by voyager View Post
The midi capability of the VS1053b are very bad, they sound like the old OPL3.
Just sent midi data true the serial port. You can buy a roland sound canvas cheap.
I've got a Roland, and I would like ScummVm could have Midi support, but it wasn't implemented in Nova's version although it is shown on the options.

I've tried with the other Scumm version, but the sound wasn't working here even.
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