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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Hi Retrofan,

of course, you can use this 68000 version on any CPU, but don't expect a noticeable speed improvement since the Env-Handler is rarely used. Some TST.L Ax instructions have even been replaced by a slower MOVE.L Ax,-(SP) and ADDQ.W #4,SP in those cases where no data register was available. On the other hand, many JSR calls have been substituted by faster BSR calls and other optimization were also made automatically by PhxAss.
Yes... well that's why I started begging pardon. I mean that I understand that you have had to make some changes for the 00 that will be slower, and that's why I was thinking in making another version, 020, avoiding the slower changes and only adding the faster ones.

But if you don't think it can be better, forget it. Thanks a lot.
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