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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Hello Peter,

BTW, would it be too much to ask, since you have the skills, if you could help me out by hacking env-handler ( to work on a 68000 (like you did with copyicon)? I need it for BetterWB to save some ram when using deficons in glowicons format.
A recompiled Env-Handler 1.13.00 (68000) is attached. Use it on your own risk, but please don't blame Stephan Rupprecht if it crashes, freezes or shows any other bugs. In such a case send a bugreport to me. I did not check the code for any word accesses to odd addresses, but it seems to work already after replacing all 68020 instructions.

The attachment has a safer and faster replacement for the MULS.L now. It is simply using ADD.L instructions. And I've added some CNOP 0,2 commands after the DC.B strings.
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