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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
the answer here
This game show that the amiga 1200 and the amiga cd32 wasn't strong enough for an amiga, the megacd version is better than the amigacd32 version !!!! what a shame megacd : 1991 amiga cd32 : 1993 !!!!
amigans had been accustomed to something else with the amiga 500 !
Hopefully microcosm is really better on cd32.
It was ported from the Megadrive version, had decent developers made it from scratch of course it would be possible, it was a quick and dirty port from a developer at that time had no real interested in the Amiga market after Sony bought them.
And yes Microcosm pisses over the mega-cd version, not that a crap game is worth shouting about!
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