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Some hidden text from the demo:

Taylor Dayne - Tell it to my heart DISK 2. I might as well write some more text in this space.. Sorry for the lack of effects (there are hardly none) in this demo. This is because the 2 disks are absolutely crammed with compressed audio data. There was just about enough space left on the disks to fit the actual code in. Remember that this is just a music demo and of course it demonstrates that it is possible to fit an ENTIRE song and play it back on a 7Mhz 68000 processor in realtime without a harddrive at a decent sample rate (22050Hz) Unlike Audio tapes, this song can be played back as many times without sound degradation. More ADPCM3 music disks are coming soon... Madonna - Borderline, Holiday, Whos that Girl, Material girl and more.... Enjoy this demo. And what are you doing reading this anyway????
Not much of a demo, more a show-off of a sample player. Depending on my level of boredom I may or may not create a WHDLoad patch for it.
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