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Originally Posted by adrdesign View Post
@dunny: I agree with you about my version, in fact I did start an orchestal mod but the size of the samples didnt help. So i started with a ragga one what is what the original tune sounded like to me.

This is my version of the tune, hope you like it.

I vote to put the leathered mod ingame. Mine is too repetitive after a while.
Excellent, really excellent stuff.

Just want to thank you both and Greyfox for the help you've given. You two with the music and Greyfox for additional graphics that will hopefully lift this release a little.

I'm going to make a decision over the next day or so as to which music gets used for the intro, but i'm going to make it so any of the three/four tunes submitted so far can be selectable in the game itself for a bit of variety

Really great work guys, very much appreciated, and everyone thats helped gets credit, its as simple as that.

So thanks to the guys on Atari Forum/d-bug for their Atari ST help, Codetapper for playtesting and bug finding, ADRDesign for music, Leathered for music, Greyfox for additional graphics.

I'm going to sort this all out this week, and hopefully have a major BETA version for Codetapper to playtest on his real Amiga for any final bug finding, and maybe, just maybe I can release this one next weekend.

Thanks guys
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