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I'd hate to have a problem with you. Why should I? I just don't agree you and don't want to continue this argument with you for I'm not against anything you say. Only thing I don't like is, you're suggesting your solution is good while mine is downright false.

I'm annoyed yes, and my reply wasn't kind and it's plainly because he's successfull in trolling. Plain and simple. Your peaceful argument way does seem to be a better way than mine in order to stop an argument but it's just your natural response, not mine. It might work for you but I'm not going to play an artificial role now.

Stopping an argument is escapism. Bearing the facts is much more satisfying in long term. Fact=Troll

As of our argument, I think we've got no problem to continue it.

I've chosen to display my feelings and thoughts just naturally. I've got nothing to lose against society for I know I'm not harming it. I'm glad my responses are direct for I care less about others' opinions about me than my own happiness. Developing a strategy against every person you don't agree on a message board would be rather tiring wouldn't it? I've got no energy to spend by "playing cool" when I'm actually stressed.

You're better than that Burseg. I believe in you.
You are exaggerating. I feel like an asshole now.
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