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I,ve a suggestion for the file selector/loader software.

At present all disks for a game are loaded into a numbered list.


1 Ruffian Disk 1
2 Ruffian Disk 2
3 Ruffian Disk 3
4 Drip
5 Curse of Enchantia Disk 1
10 Curse of Enchantia Disk 6
11 Full Contact Disk 1

Now if I want to play Full Contact, I have to remember that it's in Slot 11.

Would it be better/possible to load config files like WinUAE where the 3 Ruffian disks are store in eg. Ruffian.config, or Config1. Then you only have to remember the config file to load a game.

Using the above example, to play Full Contact I would have to remember Config4. Plus with 99 slots available you could store even more entries for your ADF collection. Enough for loads of Coverdisks not just games.
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