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Sorry Burseg, it was just the way you were typing Troll over and over again and bolding it which made me think you were going a bit overboard with it. 2 of the points you made in your post were good, but the rest of them were just, if you excuse the expression, re-trolling.

Maybe I just got the term Troll wrong, but I would expect it would be used when someone posts something solely to anger others. I can very well understand you're upset with him, but from telling him to stop being so darn annoying and then to go trolling back at him would leave a world of difference.

Play nice would be a saying I think. It's a sort of way of saying "please be nice to each other".

I don't have a problem with you Burseg, never have and doubt I ever will (you on the other hand is free to have a problem with me). It was just that with RCK's statement in the other thread it seems like he wants to wait it out. No need to purposely persue this little flamewar tossing overboard all hope of getting anywhere.

Why can't we all just live in peace maaaan,,,whooaaaaaa the colors

What I don't like is the thought of the elite of EAB stooping as low as using troll like methods themselves.

If you think he's wrong, argue with him. If he doesn't seem to care about anything said, leave him alone knowing that wether you post or not won't make a difference. If everyone adopted this tactic if someone were just being annoying how long do you think a troll would hang around a message board?

You're better than that Burseg. I believe in you.
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